I’m Learning Languages!

It might come off as weird because a lot of people my age that I know don’t really have the passion for learning much other than what’s at school. At least, in the field of languages. I speak for languages, each at their own level: English, Creole, French, and Spanisih. Now, it might seem to you that I already know way too many for my own good- and I’ve gotten that before.

‘We’re in America, speak English!’

‘You don’t need any other language than English.’

‘Why do you know so many lannguages?’

Languages are a lot like reading and writing- an intricate and special way of expressing your thoughts and feelings in methods that can be understood by millions of other people. There are thousands and thousands of different languages spoken on this Earth alone, and many people can’t see the reason to learn anything other than the language they grew up speaking.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t like my life like that.

I guess my fascination with languages really began when I was around six or seven. I grew up with my whole family speaking three different languages around me and I, at that young age, had learned to speak them all. (Well French was still in the learning process articulation-wise, but my mother made it a necessity that I understood it well enough) My first love was Spanish- much of my family spoke Sanish, especially my father, who always played his merengue CDs and made me dance ith him. I remember feeling like a genius knowing certain words like abuela,or agua, chocolate, adios, lo hicimos, and of course hasta la vista(Does anyone else remember that from Terminator 2?)

As I grew older, I became fascinated wiht more and mroe languages, and become exposed to more besides Spanish, Creole, French, English, and Arabic. I fell in love with anime and immediately wanted to learn Japanese, immersing myself completely into the Japanese culture. I still have friends today that are amazed that I am not fluent in Japanese yet. Rest assured, it’s a work in progress.

So why have I come here to talk about my fascination with the intricate beauty of languages??

Well, I wanted to share my goal with you guys- a goal that I’ve had for quite a while now, maybe even four years.

My goal is to by the end of my life to have learned to speak, write and read fluently: Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Arabic, Portuguese, and Italian. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s another of my true passions and I really want to achieve this. It’s also one of my dreams to start another blog in a different language so I can share my love of reading with others who feel the same. I ask of you readers is to support me in my journey and if you can, provide me with some tips on learning some languages. Who knows, maybe this might work?

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!
Love, Ria


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