Seraphina- Your Thoughts?

Hey guys. I need to stop calling you ‘guys’. The word makes me cringe. What would you like to be called? Is ladybugs okay? My ladybugs? LOL please, I can’t think of anything, my creativity is at level zero.

Anyways, I just started reading Seraphina AGAIN after trying to do so for almost two and a half years. Yes, I am ashamed of having this book in my TBR pile for so long. I purchased it with great anticipation that I would read it immediately. It had everything I had ever wanted- magic, fantasy, dragons, heroine, evil monarchs, dragons, mystery, secrets, murder, DRAGONS-

Did I mention dragons? Yes, I love them very much. They are gorgeous and amazing creatures, and if you haven’t read Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George (yes, this is a middle grade novel, but it’s really worth the read)

But I tried to read it the first night I got it and I could not get into it. I don’t know whether it was the author’s writing style, or the plot, or whether it was just my mood, but I could not finish it.  So I put it on my shelf and let it gather dust among the pretty new books that I quickly read over the following year and much like today, I realized that I still had not finished it, even after a whole year.

I told myself that this year is the last year that I would leave it like this and forced myself to continue reading Seraphina. This book has amazing reviews on Goodreads and for me, it was a waste to let this praised novel sit in the far corner of my bookshelf. I think that its the writing style that made me not want to read the book. It took me until I got to page 129 to really get into the book. I hope that I can finish it and give you guys a review before the end of the year.

Have any of you read this book? What are your thoughts?

Happy Reading to all!


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