What Am I Listening To?

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I’m Learning Languages!

It might come off as weird because a lot of people my age that I know don’t really have the passion for learning much other than what’s at school. At least, in the field of languages. I speak for languages, each at their own level: English, Creole, French, and Spanisih. Now, it might seem to you that I already know way too many for my own good- and I’ve gotten that before.

‘We’re in America, speak English!’

‘You don’t need any other language than English.’

‘Why do you know so many lannguages?’

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Jacob I Have Loved- Book Review


Jacob Have I Loved by Katherine Paterson

I loved this novel so much in my late elementary- junior high school years.  I swear, I might have read that book at least 15 times.  And that was a lot, granted that I was reading so many books at a time. It’s a really well written novel that es easy to connect with and understand

Sara Louise is a twin to Caroline, her much more loved and ‘perfect’ sister. The two are often compared by their cgrandmother as Jacob and Esau, twin brothers who appear in the Bible. Jacob, the namesake of the novel, is the son who was loved more by their father and by G_d, while Esau was cast away and neglected. In the novel, Sara Louise personifies Esau and Caroline is Jacob.

Over the years as Sara Louise adn Caroline grew up, the previous’ hatred for her sister grew more and more as Caroline was praised over and over again. Sara Louise, or Wheeze as they called her, was instead forgotten and left alone to fend by herself.

I don’t want to realy spoil this for you so I’ll leave it at that, but this has to be one of my favorites. It is so beautifully written and you can really experience and partake in Louise’s life as well as her true feelings. She seems to be cast off by her family,friends, and herself. You get to a point in the story where you wonder- who is the cause for all this hatred that Sara Louise feels, others or herself? Overall, It’s a really great read. I could read this over and over again if I could. Sadly, I ca’t find the only copy I have of it. Maybe I’ll buy myself one for Christmas…
I hope you take the time to read it, I”m sure you’ll enjoy it!

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Hey Guys!

If you’ve stumbled across my new blog, then I welcome you here! Reading has been a passion of mine among other things since I was little and I never found a way that I could express it and share it with others. It’s now that I’ve realized that YouTube isn’t the only way to express the love for books I have. I really would love that you all accompany me on this journey. Who knows, this might blossom into a whole new kind of petunia?

Happy reading!

Love, Ria