Monument 14- Sky On Fire by Emmy Laybourne

Monument 14- Sky On Fire by Emmy Laybourne

Sky On Fire

Last year, I went into an obsession with dystopian/post-apocalyptic books. From Divergent to Numbers (not the show), I read them all- including Monument 14.It was a good read- finished it al in one sitting. Though it wasn’t one of my favorites, it’s a good book. Dean, the protagonist, and a bunch of others including his brush and his brother, are trapped in Greenway after their bus driver mysteriously disappears. They were dropped off there after a a series of disasters. In the end they decide to leave for Denver, where there, they will travel to Canada. But only a few remain, the twins, an expecting Astrid, Dean’s crush, and the protagonist himself. The biggest threat for all of them is the outside world, where a chemical weapon is dispersed in the air, affecting each person differently according to their blood type. The ending left off at a cliffhanger which really irked me. I didn’t bother to check if there were sequels, so that was forgotten. Turns out that it is a trilogy that ended a few month ago.

The other day when I finally went to the library, I found this by accident. And boy was I excited to read it. I don’t want to go into it too much, as not to give any spoilers. But I’ll give you guys a few of my thoughts after finishing this.

It’s a great quick read- I finished it in a few hours. The book is just over 200 pages, and it is a very short 215 pages. I really liked hearing from both Alex’s and Dean’s point of view. You as the reader, got to experience the struggles they had from staying at the Greenway and travelling to Denver. The ending left me wanting a third book (which i discovered later on) where their journey would continue.

The cons of this book-

  • Dean was so annoying- all he really cared about was Astrid.
  • Alex tried to be older than he really was- which is thirteen.
  • Sahalia is irritating
  • The ending was so rushed and had unnecessary chapters that were only a few sentences per page. I really wished it were more thorough.
  • The diary format that Alex has is cute but I would have preferred just a first person p.o.v

Overall, I give it three and a half Muffins. It’s a good book but not a fave.

Three and a Half

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