Seraphina- Your Thoughts?

Hey guys. I need to stop calling you ‘guys’. The word makes me cringe. What would you like to be called? Is ladybugs okay? My ladybugs? LOL please, I can’t think of anything, my creativity is at level zero.

Anyways, I just started reading Seraphina AGAIN after trying to do so for almost two and a half years. Yes, I am ashamed of having this book in my TBR pile for so long. I purchased it with great anticipation that I would read it immediately. It had everything I had ever wanted- magic, fantasy, dragons, heroine, evil monarchs, dragons, mystery, secrets, murder, DRAGONS-

Did I mention dragons? Yes, I love them very much. They are gorgeous and amazing creatures, and if you haven’t read Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George (yes, this is a middle grade novel, but it’s really worth the read)

But I tried to read it the first night I got it and I could not get into it. I don’t know whether it was the author’s writing style, or the plot, or whether it was just my mood, but I could not finish it.  So I put it on my shelf and let it gather dust among the pretty new books that I quickly read over the following year and much like today, I realized that I still had not finished it, even after a whole year.

I told myself that this year is the last year that I would leave it like this and forced myself to continue reading Seraphina. This book has amazing reviews on Goodreads and for me, it was a waste to let this praised novel sit in the far corner of my bookshelf. I think that its the writing style that made me not want to read the book. It took me until I got to page 129 to really get into the book. I hope that I can finish it and give you guys a review before the end of the year.

Have any of you read this book? What are your thoughts?

Happy Reading to all!


Jacob I Have Loved- Book Review


Jacob Have I Loved by Katherine Paterson

I loved this novel so much in my late elementary- junior high school years.  I swear, I might have read that book at least 15 times.  And that was a lot, granted that I was reading so many books at a time. It’s a really well written novel that es easy to connect with and understand

Sara Louise is a twin to Caroline, her much more loved and ‘perfect’ sister. The two are often compared by their cgrandmother as Jacob and Esau, twin brothers who appear in the Bible. Jacob, the namesake of the novel, is the son who was loved more by their father and by G_d, while Esau was cast away and neglected. In the novel, Sara Louise personifies Esau and Caroline is Jacob.

Over the years as Sara Louise adn Caroline grew up, the previous’ hatred for her sister grew more and more as Caroline was praised over and over again. Sara Louise, or Wheeze as they called her, was instead forgotten and left alone to fend by herself.

I don’t want to realy spoil this for you so I’ll leave it at that, but this has to be one of my favorites. It is so beautifully written and you can really experience and partake in Louise’s life as well as her true feelings. She seems to be cast off by her family,friends, and herself. You get to a point in the story where you wonder- who is the cause for all this hatred that Sara Louise feels, others or herself? Overall, It’s a really great read. I could read this over and over again if I could. Sadly, I ca’t find the only copy I have of it. Maybe I’ll buy myself one for Christmas…
I hope you take the time to read it, I”m sure you’ll enjoy it!

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